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How much can a new developer charge for a 12 week web developer?

It depends on how many hours the student would have access to you as a tutor. And depending on how new you might be, your fee might be dependent on the level of knowledge youre able to teach them. Also, the students cost would be dependent on the material and curriculum. Are you just helping them through FreeCodeCamp, or have you developed custom projects for them? The short answer: if youve been developing for less than 2 years, would be around $1015 (US$) an hour. Charge a little more if you need to host the student in a co-working space, a little more if it requires more of your time to develop custom projects. You use the word tutor, which is a different role than an instructor. A tutor might give the student an assignment, and the student is on their own to complete it, and uses the tutor as support. An instructor would walk the student through each step in the assignment, demonstrating everything from the syntax to the project methodology. So an instructor is going to spend more time, and charge the student more. . . . A 12 week, full-time web developer course will cost somewhere between $10,000 and $14,000 (US$). Thats for a 95, 5 day-a-week course, usually with multiple instructors, professional facilities, support staff and time-tested curriculum. Ive been a contracted instructor for many years, teaching 8-week, part-time web dev courses that are one day a week or 2 nights (6 hours a week), for a total of 48 in-class hours in our professionally staffed and equipped facility (and we have awesome coffee!). That course will cost a student somewhere around $2200. We also offer 4-week classes at half that cost. The class size is much smaller than the intensive full-time bootcamps, and much less immersive. In other words, working professionals dont have to quit their jobs. While I do teach more advanced or more specific skill classes, the basic web dev course Ive taught many times is meant for beginners, and is pretty basic, in relative terms. Its been perfect for new career-seekers, since they can really see what the industry is about, determine which path they prefer in the development world (creative or programmer) and help them pass the entrance exam many of the full-time bootcamps are now requiring. Ive also tutored independently, usually at the students site, or in a co-working space. I typically charge $25 an hour for tutoring, $50 for instruction, and my regular freelance developer rate of $80 (or higher) for corporate or agency training or for training that includes completion of a real, forward-facing project.

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